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Future Projects in Microbiology

The future trends of today's current microbiology:

Although no one can accurately predict the future of any conceptual reality, the nature of science is such that it's current trends clearly illustrate the probabilities of what we can achieve from here on in. In today's microbiology, as listed within its above listed menu option, current trends peer towards cures for cancer, perfect farming, and a whole lot of other interesting and entirely useful *for humanity) developments.
The first subject of interest considered herein is a hugely interesting field known as 'Gene Therapy' which may very well pose a cure for all sorts of currently incurable diseases including cancer (diseases which result from improprieties in the genetic structure).  Gene Therapy involves what is known as gene splicing, whereby a particular gene is opened up within the DNA strand, and modified by means of the insertion of a new gene into the genetic code (For more on gene splicing and genetic recombination, 'click here'). Gene therapy relies on the fact that an incorrect alignment or combination of genes results in a biological deficiency which results in the actual host of the DNA itself leading to inexplicable diseases which have no apparent solution on a biological level. The reason behind this, clearly, is because the nature of the problem lays on a microbiological constructional level in whcih the very nature of the 'seed' of the host holds the 'alteration' whereby the very growth itself of the host mechanism 'grows' incorrectly. By altering the nature of the growth pattern of the host organism, the disease itself resultant from said process can be cured. Below is a picture of cancerous cells, mutated from their original growth pattern by what is assumed to be a 'genetically based disorder'.
Another future goal of microbiology is that of the prevention of biological illnesses, death and genocide within a bio-chemically oriented war effort. Despite the fact that many 1st world countries have already signed agreements against the use of biological weapons, the possibility still remains for other countries, not involved within said pacts to utilize biological weaponry to commit mass genocide during war. Come to think of it, any country is free to go back on its own deicision not to use biological weaponry at any moment in any given war. Evidently, not approving of this threat in reality, it remains up to the scientists to stop whatever realistic threats remain possible from the utilization and/or infliction of biological weaponry.
Naturally, no one wants to be attack using any kind of weapon, esppecially one that posses a strictly biological threat in realtion to ones life. However, realistically speaking, because the threat exists, it remains a natural altruism of microbiology to solve whatever threat exists on said levels. Hopefully, one day, along the path to a (terminal) disease free reality, we will also hit the path the a fair and non threatening form of political arbitration besides war, especially biologically deadly ones. Seen below is a bomblet (as it is known) from just before the advent of biological peace treaties.
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