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Present Microbiology Developments

Current trends in Mcrobiology

Microbiology (today) is a fast-paced evolving field in the field of biological science. If you hadn't heard, it was only several years ago that a decade long project finally evolved into a brilliant and entirely useful project. The Human Genome Mapping Project successfully mapped out the entire DNA gene sequence of a human being. This is particularily useful because it allows use to better understand the nature of genetic evolution, especially genetic disorders and gene based diseases and tolerance to the aforementioned. Below is a picture of the DNA molecule from a related DNA project.
Another hot trend in microbiology today is genetic modification. By having mapped out and thus, now understanding the nature of genetic sequencing, we become capable of 'modifying' genetic structure in such a way as to prevent it from growing or evolving 'inopportunely'. Basically, genetic modifications have currently been develop organically for plant life, whereby seeds are produced from genetically 'engineered' plants. These seeds will grow plants that cannot produce seeds, but otherwise have a strong ability to overcome disease infestation, as well as to grow in reduced heat and light conditions, and to survive with less water. As you can imagine, the agricultural, hence the economical and social considerations of this project are immense. Furthermore, the same applications have been developed in animals to produce more of the better (healthier) meats, with fats, using less food based antibiotics. This produces, in the long run, better breeding animals, with less possibility of infectioius disease and more (not to mention cheaper) food for human beings. The last conceptuality within the field of genetic modification is to reduce genetically based diseases within human beings that can and/or are capable of suffering from them. Below is a picture of a gene being spliced in order to perform a rearrangment of genetic information.

Although there are (many) other projects worthy of note in the category, we will leave the current description at the DNA mapping project and the genetic modification developments currently in progress. If you are still interested, consider doing further research on the subject.
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