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Microbiology Projects

The Past, Present and Future of Microbiology:

Microbiology has a rich history of discovery, staright from the origin of the microscope, and the developments of cellular understanding. Since we've discovered viruses and bacteria, cellular growth and death, and basically the entire thing that makes us, as human beings complete biologically.
The funny thing about microbiology, as a pure, natural science, is that not only are things often discovered by acciedent, but pure planning and application can lead to some very serious developments within the field. Consider the DNA project, where many years was spent mapping out the DNA code fo the human being, until finally, a succeesful interpretation of our genetic code was developed.
Microbiological Discoveries
Microbiological Develoments
Microbiological Projects
Seen below is the microscope, one of microbiology's greatest material assets.
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