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Microbiology Research

Modern Microbiological Research is a wide and varied field of absolutely interesting functions, from the most varied theoretical standpoints to the most practical testable methods. From the largest cellular biological based research, to the tiniest nano-bot inspections, microbiology influences the very cullar-chemical-biological makeup of what makes us humans in the first place; in fact, of what makes us alive!

The great thing about disciplinary research is that it allows for a very tight and specific focus on the nature of what exactly is being examined within any given effort. Another great thing about research in any disciplinary field, is that it tends to generate so many classifiable cases of information, that sub groups need to be generated in order to satisfy the classification of growing information. Microbiology, for instance has many differentiation subgroups, as you've already witnessed in previous sections. Some of these subgroups include Genetics, Virology, Parasitology and Bacteriology.

All for interesting, but for now, our primary focus in this particular section will be the different types of research we maintain, and the different manners in which they can be used to further advance the field of microbiological research.

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