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Virological Microbiology

Virology is a component of Microbiology which deals with the study and research of viruses and virus related information. Virology deals with defining the nature of what is a virus, how viruses intercept and infect our bodies as hosts as well as how we can both either be cure from the viral infections or even benefit from the nature of the viruses physical chemistry in some weird and unintuitive way.

For instance, despite the fact that viruses have a strange, infectious like nature that causes completely life destructive symptoms in many biological life forms, it is also the case that the intrinsic molecular shape of the virus itself can be used in bio-genetic and nano-technological / molecular research in order to change the nature of how we think of structural compounds on a bio molecular level.

For more information on the nature of viruses, virology and the compounded effects (pros and cons) of viruses on humanity, please check out our sister site:

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