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Primary Focus

Microbiology is a new, albeit wide and exciting field. General, it refers to the study of very tiny forms of life; specifically, microorganisms - or, minute, unicellular lifeforms or 'cluster-cell' microscopic multicellular organisms.

This field of study includes many various subtopics, such as genealogy, the study of genetic information, virology, the study of viruses, bacteriology, the study of bacterium, parasitology, the study of parasites, and many more, both included and separate from this site.

This particular menu, 'Primary Focus', will deal with the primary motives of microbiology, introducing this guide-site and the major relevance of microbiology in this day and age. For some interesting points available on this site, please conside the following sections, personally selected by the cool site creators team.
Gives a brief outline of several components of the Microbiological discipline as a whole.
Outlines the basic progress past, present and future in microbiology.
Pictures of tools, lab equipment and smaples of microbiological content.
Above are some general pictures of and/or related to microbiology.
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